What Fathom-Core Is

Fathom-Core is an injectable module loader integrated with a high-performance webserver and tied together by a structured configuration file.

Fathom-Core provides a structure for your microservice by specifying:

  • a conventional directory structure
  • a command-line arguments parser
  • a highly configurable logging framework
  • a structured configuration file with runtime specification of alternate configs
  • separate production, test, and development runtime modes
  • an http/https engine
  • a dependency injection container
  • a flexible module loader
  • a service infrastructure

What Fathom-Core Is Not

Fathom-Core is not bloated.

While Fathom-Core is opinionated about it’s core bootstrap dependencies, it does not prescribe any higher-level components.

It does not require using template engines, SQL ORMs, databases, NOSQL servers, caching providers, mail libraries, schedulers, or any other dependency.